digital painting

I adapted the swiftness of sumi brush painting, which you can see in my works on paper section, to the new medium of the iPhone. I furtively fingerpaint on the credit-card sized screen, capturing likenesses and characterizing individuals in my midst while hurrying slowly—with the relative slowness and humanity of the painted and drawn arts.


I paint digitally in Photoshop as well.

oil painting

Though I struggle with oil painting, nothing compares to the richness of the medium, the layers of glowing color, the impasto of textures, and the play of light and shadow. Even the colors sound rich: raw sienna, burnt umber, crimson,  ultramarine blue.  I paint from my imagination, often through the point of view of characters in my novella and short stories. At the same time, I to leave the paintings fresh and open enough so that I welcome the viewer into this world, letting them inform the painting with their own memories and imaginative potential.